Map Forensics - Revolutionizing the Storm Monitoring Industry

Map Forensics created a new Storm Activity Monitoring System (SAMS™) that aims to revolutionize the restoration industry. SAMS™ is a B2B software service that tracks storms and alerts customers to potential damage at their monitored properties. Map Forensics uses a proprietary algorithm to track various storm activities and create hail swaths. What sets Map Forensics apart from the competition is the ability to upload a customer database and overlay it with the storm data. Instead of just blanket-blasting effected zip codes or cities, SAMS™ allows businesses to save time and money by only reaching those households actually effected by the storm.

SAMS™ is a valuable tool for many different industries, including: construction, roofing, insurance agencies, property management companies, and autobody repair shops. 

Andrew worked with Map Forensics to help get the product off the ground by creating messaging, e-mail marketing, and trade-show collateral.

Andrew created an email campaign to introduce SAMS™ to potential new customers and sign them up for free trials. Our e-mail blasts averaged a nearly 30% open rate with a 3% click rate, substantially above industry standards.